David L. Downs | Managing Partner | Downs Fischer Financial

David L. Downs CFP® ChFC CLU® CASL® RICP® CAP®

Retirement Planning Specialist
Managing Partner
(469) 429-9292 ext 200

David graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1997 and joined Equitable a few months later. From the beginning, his focus has been on helping his clients make the best decisions possible while working toward their financial goals. Throughout the 20+ years since joining Equitable Advisors, David has remained a passionate participant in ongoing education focused on the areas most important to the clients he serves.

Now that the "professional" information is covered let me tell you more about my "Why."

I'm the eldest child and the eldest grandchild on my mother's side. From a very early age, I had responsibility and a sense of duty to care for others. My parents were great role models. My mother was the eldest child and, as a child, cared for her siblings while they all spent time in an orphanage. My father was one of eleven children, and each of them had specific obligations to take care of the family in their way. Frequently, when I was a child, we had barely enough to meet our own needs, yet my parents would find a way for all of us to assist another family who had even less. Caring for others is something that feels like second nature to me and is very rewarding.

When this career was presented in my late 30's, it was like someone had turned on a light for me to see. Here was an opportunity to fulfill my need to help others while at the same time making use of both my academic and intellectual knowledge of finances and risk management. It felt like a natural fit, and as I sit here over two decades later, I know it was the right choice.

The need to help others extended to my community and volunteering for multiple organizations; which led me to unique relationships with like-minded individuals, including my wife of 13 years. I was elected and served as a member of the City Council for the City of Plano and served on numerous boards and commissions for non-profits and civic organizations in our City and County. In each case, by giving of myself, I find I am often receiving much more.

Like many analytical left-brained individuals, I needed some balance and found mine through the joy of photography. It has become a passionate pursuit of mine, and today I enjoy displaying/selling my work and teaching workshops for other aspiring photographers around the country. I also enjoy working with my hands in creative woodworking. My father spent most of his life in the construction industry, as did I for the first 15 years of my working career, and that need to build runs deep.

I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to travel and live in other countries such as Spain, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand. I've lived in small towns and big towns. I've worked in an office wearing a tie, in trenches wielding a shovel, and on a farm herding cattle. These experiences gave me an ability to understand a person's background and dreams, both of which are critical to making the best decisions possible regarding essential matters such as protecting your family….and your future.