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Chad Nail graduated from Brigham Young University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Minor in Business Administration. He began his career in Finance before graduation with two useful and constructive internships with Downs Fischer Financial in Plano, TX and Olympus Wealth Management in Cottonwood Heights, UT. Following graduation, he trained as a Wealth Management Operations Analyst at Morgan Stanley. He later joined Equitable Advisors as a financial representative and later became a financial advisor. He currently holds his Chartered Life Underwriter designation (CLU®) and is studying to obtain two more designations (ChFC and CFP®). He dedicates himself to his clients and their financial plans and goals.

That is my formal introduction, but you should know more about the heart and story behind my journey.

I was born in Dallas, Texas to a wonderful set of parents. They taught me the importance of working, earning, and learning all that I could. As the eldest child of three, I learned and grew to understand the importance of interacting with and helping my siblings and parents whenever opportunities arose. Responsibilities of being an example for my siblings, guiding them through tough decisions and situations, and being an active listener helped teach me that I had a true and genuine passion to help others. These developed skills helped me with helping other family members, friends, and even strangers.

My father and mother worked tremendously hard to create a successful Oral Surgery practice in Carrollton, TX, which they succeeded in doing. All my life, three things were present: small business ownership, family management, and medical careers. When I attended BYU, I chose a career that would best allow me to have these three things in my life; I wished to be an Orthodontist with my own practice. However, I quickly realized that I lacked the passion and heart that one needs to be successful in the medical/dental fields, and therefore I decided that medicine was not my intended path. To say that I felt lost after having left behind one of the three things that had surrounded me the most throughout my life is a drastic understatement.

However, I relied on the strong relationships I was blessed to have to reconfigure my future. After many visits with mentors – both young and old – I discovered the financial planner career and, as a result, my true passion. The financial planning path would allow me to be involved in two of the three original aspects: small business management and families. I quickly realized It was never the medicine that mattered, but rather it was the people and the impact I could make in their lives.

Chad Nail | Financial Advisor | Downs Fischer Financial TX

My approach has always been centered on being part of the community rather than just living in the community. To accomplish this, I became active in numerous local networking groups, including becoming the Financial Advisor chair holder in a BNI chapter in Frisco, TX. I also serve on the Young Professionals of Plano (YPP) committee as a co-chair of the networking pillar of the program. Additionally, I am actively involved in my church, even having the opportunity to teach financial literacy to young adults. When I am not working, studying for my next designation, or volunteering time to these organizations, I can be found exercising at the gym, writing poems and fictional stories, and learning something new!

Every day in this career, I am reminded that I chose the right path, which makes me extremely fortunate. I have made it my mission to help families and businesses with their financial plan, essentially joining them on their journey throughout life. It is for this reason that I say, with all my heart and complete sincerity, that I want to make your journey my journey.