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Annemarie Krupa

Client & Service Relationship Manager
Office Manager
(469) 429-9292 ext 205

AnneMarie has worked with David and Scott since 2004 and has over 25 years of Administrative Office Management and Client support experience. She has also worked in Human Resources, medical billings, and multiple areas of the tech industry. AnneMarie strives to make each client experience as pleasurable and easy as possible.

Now a bit about myself. I tell folks who ask I am a misplaced Yankee. I was born in New Jersey, where my folks met, and then moved to Pennsylvania when I was 5. Both sides of my family tree are from Europe – Northern and Eastern Europe. Because I am 3rd generation American, I grew up understanding hard work pays off.

I have lived in Alaska (still the most beautiful place I have ever lived), Arizona, Louisiana, and Texas. I have been in Texas for nearly 30 years, moving here to join my immediate family as a single mom.

Over the years, I have discovered helping others makes me feel better about the world. Helping others is one of my driving passions in life, as I know without some of the simple and, many times, profound help others gave to me and mine, I might not be where I am today.

I have a deep love for all animals, having had dogs, cats, and rabbits from a young age. I have been a rescue Mom to each of my fur babies, including our current three cats and four baby chickens. In 2016, some life changes led to my renewed interest in growing my food, leading to the School of Permaculture. Because of Permaculture, I am a chicken mom. I enjoy sitting on the patio on the weekends watching the crazy bird shenanigans with my husband.

I have a multitude of hobbies:

  • My make-up skills have allowed me to create stage make-up for stage productions like Live From Collin County.
  • My knowledge of sewing and costuming has provided me the opportunities to create and design costumes for stage productions, design and create one-of-a-kind ballroom gowns, and recreate medieval garments for the Society of Creative Anachronisms (SCA).
  • Being involved in the SCA led to a love of weaving and illuminated painting.
  • I have created unique jewelry pieces for years, donating many to charity auctions, and that love led to metalsmithing.
  • I grew up cooking and baking and still enjoy feeding others.

I hope I have shared something about myself that you may not have known. ?

In a gentle way, you can shake the world Mahatma Gandhi

AnneMarie Krupa provides administrative support services only.